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Rico & Plato is a new website showcasing an amazing collection of table art, accessories for bathrooms and others, all made from Teak and other woods.

Table art is an extensive and exceptional collection of accessories for the kitchen and dining room. All handmade from Teak, the collection includes -spoons and spatulas, bowls and plates, pots and egg cups, and a huge range of cutting boards in all styles and sizes, plus more. The colours and finishes on these products are incredible – from copper leaf and gold leaf, silver & white & black paint, and of course natural Teak colour.

Rico & Plato has accessories for your home including Lamps, Candle holders, Picture frames and more. We also have a complete range of bathroom accessories including waste bins, apothecary boxes, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes and many-many more. We even have Teak wash basins.

All these items are available for the first time to buy online, and are just a few clicks away. Delivered to your door, free of charge in the United Kingdom, and quality guaranteed. Come shopping online with Rico & Plato UK


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Why Teak


Teak has an oily nature which make it naturally water resistant, and resilient to premature aging compared to lesser timbers. This natural oil when supplemented with our own mineral oil, results in products that are eminently suited to the wet environment of our kitchens. Teak is a hardwood, so has a dense grain, it will stand up to years of hard cutting and chopping but will not excessively dull your knives and cleavers. Our other functional items such as bowl, plates, spoons, spatulas etc benefit greatly from Teaks inherent strength and will provide a long service life.

The beauty of Teak cannot be understated and must be mentioned again – the warmth and rich colour of golden-brown Teak means that all your hardwearing and functional items will age gracefully and develop their own individual patina. Your entire Teak accessory collection will be just as beautiful in 10 years as the day you bought it with the correct aftercare. What this means is that on a daily usage level -Teak is simply the best wood for this application - beautiful and strong.